The Startup Building offers a great co-working space with a variety of different options. It's a creative fun place to work around other people with similar goals and passions. The community is what sets the Startup Building apart from other places.


Office Details


Flex space:

Come, bring your laptop and sit at any open desk. When you leave, you take everything with you or store it in one of the available lockers.

Business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm)

Individual $50/mo
Transferable* $75/mo

24/7 Access

Individual $100/mo
Transferable $150/mo

Fixed desks: 

A more permanent solution with higher security and a desk that is yours. You can bring a desktop computer and leaving it there along with any other office supplies. 

$150/mo (24/7 access)

Startup Suites: 

With the same amenities as the co-working space along with your personal office. Offices range from 200 sq ft to 2,300 sq ft.  When offices come available, we look at our application pool and select the next tenant from there. 


  • Google Fiber Internet

  • 3 Conference Rooms

  • 2 Phone Call Areas

  • Kitchenette

  • Lockers

  • Onsite Monitor Storage

  • Discounted UTA Passes

  • Discounted Event Space

  • Free Grub Pass

  • Perk Now App

Reserve a Conference Room:

  • Available for Guests at $25/hr

  • Reserve free with memberships