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Top Metro Areas to Start a Business in America

Provo, UT has been lauded for many things -- one of the best places to raise a family, one of the healthiest places to live -- and now a great place to start a business. Over the years, there have been a dozen budding entrepreneurs on the reality series "Shark Tank" who hail from Provo.


How a tiny city in Utah is changing the Startup Scene 

There is a new Silicon Valley in town and it’s called Provo, Utah. Research shows that out of the top 12 venture-capital-backed startup locations in the US, Provo and Orem ranked eighth in 2014. Specifically, they received over US$460 million in venture capital spread among nine major deals. 



The 4 Ingredients of Utah's Startup 'Secret Sauce' 

Utah’s Wasatch Front corridor has become “the next Silicon Valley”-or, as the locals call it, “Silicon Slopes.” As many of you know, I grew up in Utah and love tech. But Utah startups aren’t just all about the tech. Today, 86 of the fastest-growing companies in America call Utah home.

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